Jo-Dean has been a healer since 2007. She started out as a Reiki Master and continued her journey learning Reflexology, Psychosomatic Therapy, Reiki Master Teacher, Arcturian Reiki, Crystal Healer, Traditional Spiritual Healer, Trans Alchemist Hypnotherapist / Transformation Coach, Access Consciousness Practitioner, Flower Therapist, Magical Herbalist (working with the energy of herbs) and now Herbalist. This work has truly transformed her life. Jo-Dean specializes in Hormone balancing that helps women through menopause. She also does inner child work and soul retrievals to assist in moving past traumas.  

Jo-Dean has an amazing ability to bring ease and comfort to those who are uncomfortable with the whole “healing experience”.  She will bring the truth and accountability to the table, she will help you become aware of your internal world and offer solutions and tools on how to change it. “Your life is a mirror and will reflect back to you how you feel about yourself”. Jo-Dean is an empath/intuitive, Clairsentient and Claircognizant ,  she has a knowing of what the soul needs.

To Book an appointment with Jo-Dean, call the store at 780-669-1249 or email her at [email protected]. Also, you can click the link below and you can book your session on line.

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List of Services: 

(GST not included in the price). (No GST on all distant sessions)

30 min consultations are free if you are unsure what to book. Once we talk I will intuitively know what session will work best for you. E- mail me or call the store to set up a time. 

Reflexology 45 min – 1 hour $80 

Reflexology30 min $60

Reiki-1 hour $80

Reiki30 min $60

Reiki Distant session 1 hour $75

Chakra Balancing30 min $60 (please book under 30 min Reiki session and inform me you just want a chakra balancing)

Crystal Healing 1 hour $80

Access Bars – 1 hour $80

Spiritual Life Coaching – 1.5 hours $90

“New” Flower Therapy – 30 min $65 , 1 hour $90 will receive complimentary flower. If you have any questions on this healing modality and what it can do for you please email me at [email protected]

“I will always continue my education, it’s my joy and I love growing personally. I’m now working on my Advanced Master Herbalist course. 

Jo-Dean will be able to help guide you to find the right tea or herb for your specific concerns.